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Linforoll® is a medical device whose purpose is to show the physical therapist the various parameters of Manual Lymphatic Drainage necessary to make it OBJECTIVE and meet Evidence-Based Medical criteria.

The therapeutic efficacy of manual lymph drainage has been recognised, but one of its limitations is that the manoeuvres are NOT measurable.
Linforoll® shows the physical therapist performing lymphatic drainage:

  • The body area to be treated (work area)
  • The applied force (expressed as force, i.e. g/cm2, or as pressure, i.e. mmHg), as the device provides visual feedback (yellow LED: insufficient pressure, green led: correct pressure, red led: too much pressure)
  • The number of times to pass through the work area with the device
  • The execution speed of the manoeuvre (correct speed: 3 cm/sec)
  • The energy transferred to the patient (in joules)

This information is linked to the LinfoRoll software. All parameters are saved after each session. Circumference measurements can also be completed. That way, all data can be displayed and compared after the treatment cycle.

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